I was born in Paris, France.

My parents were students in advertising until I arrived. My father then worked in department stores, and in the perfume business. My mother did several jobs like jewel design, advertising, shop owner and is now a psychoanalyst ! I have a sister (Séverine), two brothers (Edouard & Maxime) and 5 "step-sisters/brothers" (Sandrine, Capucine, Stéphane, Mathieu, Laurine).

At 16, with the money from my very first paid job, I bought my first camera. But had nothing left for film or lab fees. So I went to the "photo-club" near my house. My little brother Maxime was my model.

After school, I was an actor for 2 years, but not good enough to make a living... So I studied advertising for 2 years. After that, I had several jobs : marketing for Bang&Olufsen, a gold miner in Africa and then an Art Director in prêt-à-porter.

In the prêt-à-porter, I was in charge of the choices of the materials, the casting, the shows. One day, I decided to make photos of the lastest collection. A nice British stylist saw those photos and asked me to do some for her magazine. I told her that I was not a professional photographer, but she insisted. I really enjoyed shooting those stories.

An American writer saw these and asked me to do a book for Abrams/éditions de la Martinière. During this production we did some photos for Elle international. Thus, began my professionnal career !

Fortunately, I’m still enjoying doing images today.